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অভিজ্ঞতা ছাড়াই এটলাস কোপকোতে নিয়োগ

Key Points
      Market intelligence: Update the DATA on all Competition Activity e.g. pricing/ Product/ Organizational Changes etc.

Educational Requirements : N/A

Experience Requirements: N/A
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Job Context
  • Mission:
  • Getting Price increase from customers in order to maintain a better profitability for the organization.
  • Adding new customers and maintaining the existing ones.
  • Implement actions that result in sales and profitability growth that are in line with overall company objectives aiicl goals as per Multibrand guidelines.
  • Implement marketing plans and activities in line with division territory goals.
  • Develop and promote customer relationships with the objective of gaining a clear
  • Understanding of the customer needs and a means to satisfy them.
  • Manage and develop the customer market directly or thni charniels in the assigned temporary.
  • Assess and define customer applications so that the correct product portfolio can be represented.
  • Ensure integrity in the application of the products.
  • Maintain routine and consistent contact with customers relative to the activity level.
  • Promote proactive relationships with customers.
  • Promote company image in line with company guidelines.
  • Plan, organize, and achniiiister product demonstrations as a means to promote our Products.
  • Developing existing and new channels of distribution as per the Distributor Policy/ Guideline of relevant Brand range.
  • Supporting the business growth although exhibitions and demonstrations.
  • Building an effective business relationship with major accounts allocated.
  • Distribution and customers at all levels and undertakes presentations in order to enhance the company profile.
  • Managing the sale of all products and influencing the sale at branch level.
  • Developing a clistnbution structure focused specifically on each brand.
  • Organizing and managing regular and sustained marketing campaigns and Promotions inc hiding c ata logues, merchandise, exhibitions.
  • Management of new product introduction into the market, responsible for product introduction to customers.
  • Effective provision of sales data, including the timely recordings of visit, action reports and analysis of sales performance against budget.
  • To develop good receivables collection culture and ensure collections effectively n regular basis.
  • Market intelligence: Update the DATA on all Competition Activity e.g. pricing / Product/ Organizational Changes etc.

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Job Description / Responsibility
  • The aim of a Sr. Sales Engineer/ Sales Engineer is to work towards getting more orders and to also increase the Customer Base. He has to provide with Sales and Technical Support towards their customers. The Sr. Sales Engineer/ Sales Engineer has to maintain regular contacts with all customers and work towards building Customer Relationship by developing long time agreement with customers at all levels. To promote the new product launched.
  • Key Deliverables:
  • Sales Target – OR. MS.
  • Price realization and improvement.
  • Receivable days and overdue receivables.
  • Collection of Receivables.
  • Market share development
  • Reporting to ASM /RSi
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • Adding new customers.
  • Distribution management.
  • Customer Seminar / WTL / Right way Transform
  • Better Co Ordination with All team Member.
  • Following tenitory man gement Systeni.
  • Increasing self-efficiency as per company policies and procedures.
  • Adherence to Business Code of Practice
Job Nature


Job Requirements
  • Skill:
  • Presentation skill
  • Negotiation skill
  • Attributes:
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Customer focus
  • Proactive
  • . Influence
  • Planning & organizing
  • Seif-leanung
  • Problem-solvmg
  • Self-management
  • Self-starter
Job Location


Salary Range
Job Source

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Recruiting Manager: Prarnod Bhandare
E – mail: pramod.bhandare@cp.com
Other Contacts: Sultana Rurna
Management Assistant to the G.M.

Application Deadline : Mar 9, 2017

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